October 14, 2011

Ooh la la!

Posted in Chocolate Bits at 4:31 pm by 001penny

When everyone thinks about chocolate they think about how sweet and smooth it is once its eaten.  No one thinks about wearing chocolate.  But every year, chocolate is celebrated in the worlds largest event. This is done at the Le Salon du Chocolat. 


The event is held in different cities, such as Paris and New York. One of the events celebrates chocolate in fashion.  Yes – chocolate and couture go together. From shoes to dresses everything is show cased by brilliant and creative designers.

Not sure chocolate dresses would have much practically in everyday life but the craftmanship of the designs are superb! Designers are free to take their concepts to the reality of the runway.

The fashion event is truly one of a kind and create interest for art and fashion lovers.

Perhaps someone should tell Lady Gaga about the chocolate dress.  Maybe she could promote one of these unique masterpieces for her next big award show like she did with the meat dress.